Boston Junior Terriers



Terrier Red represents Boston Jr. Terrier teams based out of our Canton Sportsplex location while Terrier White represents those based out of our Mark Bavis Arena location in Rockland.  Terrier Red offers teams at the ELITE, Tier I and Girls levels.  Terrier White consists of Tier I teams only.

No. While we do own the Canton Sportsplex, we are only renters at the Mark Bavis Arena which is now owned and operated by the Edge Sports Group. In Canton, both our fitness center as well as our snack shop are leased to and operated by outside vendors. Teamworks, which is located at the back end of the facility, is a separate ownership group and not affiliated with the Boston Jr. Terriers.

Tuition for the program covers the costs associated with the practices, skills, league registration fees, regular season and playoff games as well as a practice jersey for all players. It also includes the cost associated with one parity tournament for league placement at the Tier I level. Additional tournaments are at the discretion of each team's coaches as agreed upon by the families of the players on a team, and those costs are divided up between those players/families participating. Uniforms/equipment are separate and must be ordered directly through our partners at the Arrow Sports Group.

Per league rules, FULL-TIME players may NOT participate on other hockey teams during the season unless the other team is a town or school team.  Participation on outside teams which are not town or school will result in the suspension of the player and coach from future league games.  ALTERNATE players may play and practice with any other non-EHF/NEGHL teams, however they cannot play in more than fifteen games during the regular season and are INELIGIBLE to participate in EHF playoffs.

No. While many Jr. Terriers do participate in the Spring League and Core Series, our Spring and Summer programs are open to all players regardless of where they play during the year.