Boston Junior Terriers



Canton Sportsplex offers a unique and tremendous opportunity to advertise and market your business and products:

At the Canton Sportsplex we have two ice rinks, a brand new fitness center, along with an in house pizza and snack shop. By joining us in a marketing sponsorship and becoming a part of our family you will have exposure to our own in-house organization (The Boston Junior Terriers) of over 50 teams and 1,000 players. The Canton Sportsplex is also home to our own u18/u16/u15 American Hockey Academy teams, Archbishop Williams men and women programs, 3 separate men’s leagues and hosts several other youth leagues including the south shore conference and a variety of other groups utilizing our facility year-round.

The Sportsplex also provides learn to skate, learn to play and development programs as well as private groups lessons during the year. Through all of the various mediums the Sportsplex gives your business the platform for creating positive advertising impressions to a vast and diverse audience.

These events and programs bring over 500k people per year to our facility. Your logo will be recognized by thousands of potential customers. We have found that many people refer to the ads to do business with you in appreciation for your support of the arena and youth sports. This is not only a very affordable means of advertising but also great exposure for you and your company.

Dasher Board Advertising

Located where all the action is and along the rink walls for great sponsorship coverage! Signage locations are visible from the mezzanines and the ice surface, as well as on our livestream servies provided for all games via LiveBarn. Dasher board advertising space is available at the Canton Sportsplex, and we are looking for interested parties in taking a spot for a 1, 2, 3 or 5-year period. If you’re looking to market your business locally, our facility is busy throughout the year and advertising with us provides an enterprising way to promote your business. This is a unique advertising opportunity that is seen from everywhere in the rink, it will have eyes constantly on it as the ad will be at ice level where all the action is.


  • 1-year

    investment is $3,500

  • 2-year

    investment is $5,500

  • 3-year

    investment is $7,500

  • 5-year

    investment is $10,000

All rates are for dasher board displays on both of our rinks at the Canton Sportsplex.  Prciing includes the cost for the fabrication of the signs as well as the installation.

*If interested in a 1 Rink display only, please contact

All balances must be paid in full. Placement would be at the discretion of Sportsplex management and the signage would be approximately 32” x 88” but would vary based on placement.


We require a camera-ready copy of your ad (in either a jpeg or pdf format) to forward to our printing company and your payment. If you wish to update your ad should your information change within the agreed upon time period, you would be responsible for the fees incurred in changing the board sign.


Want your logo where all the action is?! Have your logo on a banner hanging in a highly visible area right in the ice rink! Option for one or two rinks!
Size: Full sized vinyl banner with grommets
Term: 12 Months
Size: 5’ x 10’
Rate: 1 Rink: $2,000
2 Rinks: $3,500

New for next season: In-Ice Logos - The ultimate WOW! Put your company logo in the ice for all to see! This is your BEST method to putting your company in prime-time location. Only 4 locations!


Term: 24 Months
Maximum 8' x 8'
Rate: $6,000 (including fabrication)


Term: 24 months

Maximum 6’x6’

Rate: $3,500 (including fabrication)

Zamboni Panels

A unique way to stand out! Everyone loves watching the Zamboni glide on the ice! Only two spots available on each Zamboni
Term: 12 Months
Size: 75" x 23"
Rate: $2,500 p/Zamboni
For both sides of Zamboni (including fabrication)

Website Ad

Website advertisement linked to your business site on our site:
Term: 12 Months | Rate: $750
Term: 6 Months | Rate: $500
*Includes logo with company description as one of our preferred "Partners"


ADDITIONAL OPTIONS INCLUDE (but are not limited to)

  • Jersey Sponsorships
  • Event Sponsorships
  • Naming Rights
  • Scholarship Funds


Benefits of Advertising at the Canton Sportsplex and with the Boston Jr. Terriers

Benefits of Advertising at the Canton Sportsplex and with the Boston Jr Terriers

  • Your company will be forming an alliance with an organization

determined to enhance the quality of life for the local community and beyond.

  • Family and friends of participants will view your signage weekly for more than one hour (with little else vying for their attention).
  • Year-round programs and activities at the Canton Sportsplex.
  • Your company will have its image associated with the development of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Introduce your company and products to tomorrow’s decision makers.
  • Your advertising message will be reinforced by weekly viewing.
  • Direct out of town patrons and new customers to your location. Identify your company with the local sports community.


Who will see it?

  • Over 500,000 spectators and athletes
  • Parents, families, and friends
  • Local and regional spectators
  • Regional Tournament spectators
  • Countless national and international viewers via LIVEBARN broadcast


IDEAL DEMOGRAPHICS: Advertising in our arenas gives you the opportunity to interact with key target demographics. Busy parents and the household decision makers are held as a captive audience for 45-60 minutes while their children skate and play around the ice, creating a real opportunity for retail marketers to promote their products. Furthermore, with a country-wide increase in active living, young people are spending even greater amounts of time in recreational facilities- making hockey rinks an ideal avenue for brand messaging directed at youth.


What will it do for me?

  • Increase Sales
  • Generate more traffic to your location
  • Increase visibility/ generate awareness
  • Show people you support local recreation